Grading Standards

Roger Crozier
Grade 10

10. Gem-Mint

V-Grading Gem Mint 10 card is a perfect card - it is free of any imperfections. Attributes include four perfectly sharp angles, crisp focus, and full original shine. The image should be justly centred on the paper on the front as well as on the back. An almost perfect card with even a few not so obvious flaws will be awarded a Mint status with a high subgrade and not the Gem Mint Status.

Grade 9

9. Mint

V-Grading Mint is an excellent high quality card that looks similar to a Gem Mint at the first glance, however upon nearer inspection, the cardboard can showcase the following: a moderate wax stain on reverse, slightest fraying at one or corners, a minor printing imperfection, and/or barely off-white borders. Centring is not as great as a Gem Mint either.

Grade 8

8. Near-Mint

V-Grading Near-Mint is a card with only a mild floor put on seen upon near inspection. There can be mild fraying on a few corners. Picture awareness can be barely out-of-register. A minor printing blemish is suitable. Slight wax staining is suitable at the lower back of the cardboard only. Most of the authentic gloss is retained.

Grade 7

7. Elite

V-Grading Elite card may have visible surface wear or a printing defect which does not detract from its overall appeal. A very light scratch may be detected only upon close inspection. Corners may have slightly graduated fraying. Picture focus may be slightly out-of register. Card may show some loss of original gloss, may have minor wax stain on reverse, may exhibit very slight notching on edges and may also show some off-whiteness on borders.

Grade 6

6. Excellent

On V-Grading Excellent cards, very minor rounding of the corners is turning into evident. Surface put on or printing defects are greater seen. There can be minor chipping on edges. Loss of authentic gloss can be greater apparent. Focus of photo can be barely out-of-register. Several mild scratches can be seen upon near inspection, however do now no longer detract from the enchantment of the card. Card may also display a few off-whiteness of borders.

Grade 5

5. Super

V-Grading Super card's corners can be barely rounded. Surface put on is considerable however modest. The card might also additionally have mild scuffing or mild scratches. Some authentic gloss can be retained. Borders can be barely off-white. A mild crease can be visible.

Grade 4

4. Good

V-Grading Good shows a few rounding of the corners, although now not extreme. Some floor put on may be apparent, together with feasible mild scuffing or mild scratches. Focus can be incredibly off-check in and edges might also additionally showcase substantive tear. Much, however now no longer all, of the card's authentic gloss may be lost. Borders can be incredibly yellowed and/or discolored. A crease can be visible. Printing defects are feasible. Slight stain might also additionally display on obverse and wax staining on opposite can be greater prominent.

Grade 3

3. Fair

V-Grading Fair card's corners display elevated rounding and floor put on is beginning to grow to be obvious. The card may also have scratching, scuffing, mild staining, or chipping of tooth on obverse. There can be numerous creases. Original gloss can be absolutely absent. Card may also display huge discoloration.

Grade 2

2. Flat

V-Grading Flat card's corners will display severe wear, probably affecting framing of the photo. The floor of the cardboard will display superior degrees of wear, consisting of scuffing, scratching, pitting, chipping and staining. The photo will probably be pretty out-of-check in and the borders might also additionally have come to be brown and dirty. The card might also additionally have one or extra heavy creases. In order to attain a Fair grade, a card need to be completely intact. Even aleven though the cardboard can be closely worn, it can not attain this grade if it's miles lacking strong portions of the cardboard because of a chief tear, etc.

Grade 1

1. Poor

V-Grading Poor will show off most of the equal traits of a V-Grading Fair card however the defects can also additionally have superior to one of these critical level that the attention enchantment of the cardboard has almost vanished in its entirety. A Poor card can be lacking one or small pieces, show off predominant creasing that almost breaks via all of the layers of cardboard or it is able to comprise excessive discoloration or dirtiness in the course of which can make it tough to become aware of the problem or content material of the cardboard on both the the front or back. A card of this nature can also display great warping or every other kind of detrimental defect

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