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Why are the cards graded?

Grading cards provides an evaluation of your collection. It is a mark of authenticity and a reflection of the actual condition. Last but not least, the card is protected against damage and other effects of wear.

What cards do you grade?

We currently grade collectible cards like Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, hockey, football, Formula 1, basketball, or baseball. A card is only ever graded if it is part of a production run by a reputable company and is sufficiently documented.

Do you grade something else than cards (e.g. stamps, stickers, boosters)?

At the moment we only rate cards.

Can I send jumbo cards?

No. Our slab can hold a card with a maximum size of 6.4cm (width), 9cm (height) and 0.7mm (thickness).

What is the difference between Pre-Grading and Grading?

In both cases, your card is graded and given a final grade including sub- grades. With Pre-Grading, your card is then hard-sleeved and sent back, whereas with Grading it is also sealed in a plastic slab.

Can I only get card verification?

Unfortunately, we do not offer only card verification at this point. However, you can order a Pre-Grading service where your card will not only be verified, but also grade with the final grade without being sealed in a plastic slab.

Will I always get my card graded?

Cards are only returned without a final grade if they are counterfeit, torn, restored, cut or destroyed in such a way that it is not possible to clearly verify which card they are.

Who grades the cards for you?

Our graders are our colleagues who have been carefully selected and trained to spot the slightest defect on your card. You can rest assured that your card is in capable hands.

How can I check each sub-grade of grading?

By scanning the QR code on the back of the label of your graded card.

What should I do if I want to have my cards graded?

You must create an order before you can send your card. Then it is important to wrap the card carefully, ideally first in an inner sleeve and then in a classic plastic sleeve (hard sleeve). We also recommend wrapping the cards with bubble wrap or at least placing them between two thicker layers of cardboard and tying them with a rubber band. Put everything in a box, stamp it with the code from the email and send it to our address. This way you can prevent the packaging or the card from being damaged in transit and it will be returned to you in the same condition.

Can I bring/pick up my cards in person?

Yes. However, first you have to create an order on our website.

Is there a limit for sending cards?

No. How many cards you send is entirely up to you.

Will I get a confirmation when my cards arrive to you?

Yes. You will receive an email once your order has arrived to us. The same applies once the card is graded and the order is packaged and shipped back. This gives you a clear overview of the entire process.

How long will it take to grade my card?

For each service, we offer a total of three different options, which vary in price, amount of insurance coverage and turnaround time.

I have several autographed cards, can I send them as well?

Only the so-called AUTO cards can be sent. These cards are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be the player's real signature. Otherwise we are not able to verify the authenticity of the signature.

Is it true that the more valuable my card is, the more expensive its grading will be?

Grading prices are the same for all types of cards regardless of their value.

What if the card is a fake?

Our staff are trained to identify fake cards. They use forensic equipment to do this and are therefore confident that they will be detected and returned with the appropriate markings.

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